Long Weekend Madness



If you’re lucky you’re in the middle of a long weekend, which is phenomenal!!!

What will you do with this one wild and precious weekend?

Head over to Unicorns for Socialism & reinvent yourself with a sweet new title & mission statement.   I am inspired to put “justice crusader/ wonder & wisdom curator” on my business cards.   No seriously.

Fall hikes!  Fall Hikes!  Even if it is raining and cold.    If it rains, make like Reinvented in Seattle & jump in puddles. 

Figure out why you hold on to clutter & then get rid of it. 

Make a sweet DIY-dolly lantern.

Take a look at the Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions: Vintage Arsenal of Masonic Pranksters (name says it all) 

Seattleites: Learn how to celebrate a local-foods Thanksgiving at the U-District farmer’s market (Saturday 11:00).  When you’re done, indulge in food-blogger baked delights at Will Bake for Food. ( Proceeds to go The Emergency Feeding Project.)

If you can’t get enough philanthropic gluttony, you can check out the annual Goodwill Glitter Sale: 

Held every year since 1983, this famous two-day sale features racks, rows and cases of glitzy and glamorous formalwear, gowns, jewelry, handbags, shoes and more, at fantastic prices! It has become Goodwill’s most popular and well-attended sale—people from across the region and even other states make it a point to attend.

What makes the sale truly remarkable is that all proceeds—every penny our customers spend—go to support Goodwill’s free job training programs. Every day, we help low-income people with barriers to employment get the skills and support they need to find work and support themselves.Because jobs change lives.

What will you do with this rollicking roller-coaster weekend?


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