Lists in Action.


Source: via Karin on Pinterest


Last week  Just a Titch had a post about doing a  morning pages ritual–writing a few pages first thing in the morning.   I loved that idea.   Being a list maker, I decided this week to make a few morning pages lists alongside my normal to-do lists.

Of course,  I don’t think we should limit ourselves to pages.  Some things need to be written in lipstick on mirrors or on sidewalks with brightly colored chalk, or tagged on overpasses or shouted from the rooftops.   But pages are a good place to start.

Here are some lists to put in action, however you choose to proclaim them.

1) 10 things you absolutely love about yourself.   I was inspired by  (a.k.a cribbed this from ) Tera Warner.  (Caveat:  nothing on the list can be about what what you own or what you do or who you love.   It’s what you love about you.   Your scars, your lion strength, your lightening wit and crooked teeth, legs that run marathons, inventive monkey minds and proud heritage and listening heart.   Not your husband or wife or job or car.)

2) 10 careers or life paths you would take if you had 10 lifetimes.  Ponder the fact that it is quite possible for you to do it all in the next fifty or sixty years or more.   Ponder the fact that if you don’t start anything because it is impossible to do it all, you will end up with zero items on your list completed as opposed to  one or two or four or six….

3) 10 people you could extend some kindness to in the next week.   A call to grandma.  A dollar to the homeless person across the street.  Lunch with the new girl.  Check the off as you do them.  Start over next week.

4) 10 touristy, unique, or cool things in your city you’ve not yet been to.   I  was the New York resident who never went to the Statute of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall or the Met.   Don’t let it happen to you.

5) 10 books that have changed your life.   Bonus points…make it a point to pass each book on to someone in your life that  needs it.

What’s on your list?


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