I have finally found my guru…


Every once in awhile you hear some words that change your day…maybe your life.  I discovered Jeff Brown’s work’s today, by serendipitous accident.   I escaped from work in the middle of the day today feeling sick, achy, and frustrated and headed to yoga class.   Rushing into the studio, I dropped onto my mat, heart racing, mind doing cartwheels.  My yoga teacher  Jo opened the class with these words:

“I have finally found my guru- my toes, my feet, my hips, my hands, my heart. What a thing to imagine our guru as intrinsic to who we are rather than external to our embodied experience. If we really listen to the body, its truth aches will remind us when we are walking in the wrong direction, its truth chills will remind us when we are walking true-path. Thousands of years of knowing in our body temple, eternal wisdom as to directionality. No need to attach to anyone else’s knowing. We are living in a castle of awareness. The Body of God.”  —Jeff Brown


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