Saturday Night Madness…Halloween Edition


Creepy Tree in Fog
I hope you have some delectable plans this Halloween.   Just in case, though,  here are some last-minute ideas.

Check out the world’s creepiest recordings on Listverse, where you can also find such oddball delights as  unusual ways to die throughout the ages, famous elephants and their bizarre deaths, and great zombie depictions.    You could also browse the world’s creepiest wikipedia articles.

Make hot apple cider (rum optional).

Turn off all the lights and watch terrifying movies!  Pair with drinking games.  With jello shots,  which are my all-time favorite Halloween treat, but you can also make some of those fancy, sexy halloween drinks (or disgusting ones.)  Halloween pajamas are encouraged.

Make some feather lanterns to cast an eerie glow across your living room.

Go to a haunted house.  Here are a ton in the Seattle area.

Sign up for your city’s scariest ghost tour.  I’m *dying* (har) to go to Spooked in Seattle  or take the Pike’s Market famed ghost tour.

Check out the Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore (a weird, one room museum filled with slightly creepy stuff–wax heads, UFO stuff, Bruce Lee Memorabilia)

Try to book a last minute weekend at a haunted bed & breakfast. 

Make adorable food:  wicked witch lemon lollipops.

I love this Dia de Los Muertos makeup.  It’s La Catrina.

What are your Halloween plans?



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