The To-Stop-Doing List for Office-Dwellers


Blowing Bubbles Folk Art Girl Sitting in the Clouds Mixed Media Painting by Sascalia

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Stop going to meetings.   Use the time to create something valuable instead.   If meetings are mandatory, suggest limiting them to 25 minutes.

Stop volunteering (to make the coffee, to bring the cupcakes, to find the keynote speaker, to be in charge of the fundraiser, to be the secretary of the club.) Unless it really contributes to your mission and purpose and , just skip it.

Stop being the first to arrive and the last to leave.   It’s not heroic or responsible.  It’s childish.

Stop networking.  Make real friends instead.

Stop believing that it’s all in your job description.   If you were intended to do it, then it would be in your job description.  There’s a reason why the senior partner’s job description does not include installing new computer software. It’s because the senior partner is probably terribly inefficient at installing a new software program.  That’s why they hired a tech guy.

Stop doing anything that interferes with your ability to do real, meaningful work.  

What’s on your to-stop doing list? 


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