This is the most genius productivity tool I’ve ever seen.   By using 25 minute, interruption-free work sprints interspersed with small breaks, you can get a ridiculous amount of work done, learn to manage distractions, and enter a state of intensely present creative “flow” more often.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the Pomodoro Technique in my work with amazing results.  I get twice as much work done during a normal day, and am able to enjoy stress-and-guilt free breaks throughout the day.  I feel more presence, more flow, and have improved my ability to handle distractions.  Instead of looking up at five o’clock and realizing that I’ve done NOTHING all day (and therefore should stay till nine), I  leave work  at five thirty  knowing that I’ve done a ton of intense, focused work.  This frees my mind and energy to turn to other interests and pursuits, or just to relax and enjoy the evening.

If you want to get started, all you need is a pencil, paper, and a timer to get started.  You don’t even need to go out and buy the book.  You can download the book for free.  If you’re not so inclined, you can download the  the one-page cheat sheet.


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